The Day After

posted Nov 3, 2010, 5:57 AM by Graydon Smith
Needless to say, while the GOP rode a wave nationally, that wave did not reach our shores here in Massachusetts.  While it was for the most part a disappointing night here, there were some bright spots.  The GOP did pick up a number of State Rep seats, and for the first time in a long time we mounted serious challenges to our entrenched congressional delegation, forcing people like McGovern and Frank to spend down their war chests.

Locally, we had a number of our Candidates win the vote in Franklin:
  • Baker / Tisei 
  • Karyn Polito
  • Mary Z Connaughton
  • Steven Glovsky
And the rest of our slate had respectable showings:  
  • Martin Lamb only fell short by only 483 votes
  • Ed McGrath fell short by 171 votes
  • Jack Coffey fell short by 26 votes
Needless to say, as the old saying goes close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  We need to take these results and learn from them.  So what do we need to do next?
  1. Expand our voter outreach, expanding our email, mailing and phone lists to reach more of the Republican and Independent Voters in Franklin.
  2. Recruit good candidates, starting at the local level.  We can not continue to field first time candidates at the Federal Level.  We need candidates to gain experience in both campaigning and governing at the local and state levels.  Town Council and School Committee Elections are a year away, we need to start identifying solid candidates soon.
  3. Candidate Education.  We need to help candidates learn how to build an organization, navigate campaign finance rules and regulations, and how to effectively use Websites, Facebook, Twitter and other mediums to build support and a following.
  4. Improve our Ground Game. The democratic party in Massachusetts has a very organized ground game and they have had a long time to build it.  I don't expect to we can match them in ground game in one election cycle, but we do need to set some GOTV goals.  Local elections in 2011 are a good time to build and practice for 2012.
- Graydon Smith