Resolution Regarding Debt Exclusion for Construction of New High School

posted Mar 3, 2012, 6:47 PM by Graydon Smith

March 1, 2012

Resolution Regarding Debt Exclusion for Construction of New High School

Whereas, The Franklin Republican Town Committee is a political organization registered with the Massachusetts Office of Elections, and organized for the purpose of furthering the goals and objectives of the Massachusetts GOP.

Whereas, The Town Council and School Committee of Franklin have represented the Franklin High School facility is in need of significant renovation in order to meet the educational needs of students and remedy accreditation issues, and the School Building Committee had estimated costs of such renovations would be in the range of $86 to $96 million dollars, depending on the scope of renovations, with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) funding approximately 55% of the total project, estimating the cost to Franklin taxpayers for such renovations would have been between 38 and 43 million dollars.

Whereas, the School Building Committee has estimated the cost of a new facility built under the MSBA Model School program at 104.6 million dollars, with MSBA funding approximately 55% of the total project, the cost to Franklin taxpayers is estimated at 47.4 million dollars.

Whereas, the School Building Committee has represented additional benefits of the Model School program, including: a shorter time frame to build; minimal disruption in ongoing educational efforts; longer useful life of 50 years versus 40 years for renovations; better cost controls as building design has been constructed many times in other communities; and increased space dedicated to educational activities.
Whereas, Town Officials have represented that a failure to address the High School Facilities issues, will ensure that Franklin High School will remain on “warning” status for accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and could possibly lead to being placed on “probation” status in the future.

Whereas, Town Officials have represented, that the impact on individual tax payers would be an increase of .74 cents per thousand on property taxes, based on current property valuations, or $260 a year on for an average single family home in Franklin and that this debt will be paid off an removed from the tax rate after the year 2040. 

Whereas ,The Town Council has represented that the contract for the new school construction will be awarded in accordance with the Commonwealth’s open bid laws, and the project will not exceed $104.6M estimate.

Be it Resolved, that the Republican Town Committee of Franklin Massachusetts, in full reliance on the above-referenced representations from elected and appointed town officials, endorses the passage of the debt exclusion ballot question on  March 27, 2012  to finance construction of a new Franklin High School.