Representative Jim Vallee to attend RTC meeting on Aug 4th

posted Jul 22, 2011, 12:58 PM by Graydon Smith
Representative Jim Vallee
I am pleased to announce that Representative Jim Vallee will attend our monthly meeting in August to explain how he was able to get a significant chunk of the State Budget to head toward Franklin.  This doesn't mean we don't still have a budget problem as we still have a spending problem in Franklin.  I would like everyone to come and bring their thoughts on how we can get the State to control their spending problem and Franklin to control their spending problem.  Several of you have talked to me about contracting out town functions instead of paying for them today and again tomorrow when these people performing the tasks retire at 55. Dean College survives in this manner and Franklin probably can as well.  I hope you will come with ideas and enthusiasm as to how a conservative Democrat can help our cause.
In my opinion good people are hard to find in politics and deserve our respect and support.  Bring your friends and there may be some more surprises.
Meeting Date: August 4, 2011, Thursday night at the Franklin Municipal Center 7:30 pm.
John Jewell