Remove embarrassment from governor's council

posted Sep 22, 2010, 7:08 PM by Graydon Smith   [ updated Sep 28, 2010, 5:06 PM ]
Originally posted in the Sun Chronicle

Can the media still make a difference in Massachusetts and Massachusetts politics?

For the second time, Kelly Timilty soundly defeated Robert Jubinville in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 14 for re-election to the Governor's Council. She did this despite ringing endorsements for Jubinville from various media sources.

But this race for the largely unrecognized Governor's Council was no ordinary one between variously qualified candidates.

The Metrowest Daily News could not have been clearer in its advice to voters: "evict Timility from a job she doesn't deserve." As their editorial made clear, not only was she fined $8,000 for forging Gov. Deval Patrick's name to an endorsement, but Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly called her attendance record at council meetings "embarrassing."

Now she has a shot at re-election to the Governor's Council, which Bob Jubinville claims will qualify her for a pension from the state for life and why, because she's, as The Metrowest Daily News put it, "counting on her family name - Timiltys have been active in Boston politics for generations - to carry her to a ninth two-year term." Governor's councillor may be an unknown office to most voters, but it carries a significant role in the state's checks-and-balances system, particularly in the appointment of judges. Bob Jubinville had the background and will to serve the public's interest; Kelly Timilty has proven - beyond any reasonable doubt - that she does not.

Would an informed and aware voter choose Kelly Timilty over Bob Jubinville?

Yet the public has another chance in November to get her off the public payroll. I am the Republican candidate running for Kelly Timilty's seat on the Governor's Council.

As a little background, I'm a lifelong Republican with roots on the North Shore but am a 10-year resident of Wayland. My family has a strong Republican heritage in Massachusetts; my grandfather Abraham Glovsky gave the convention nominating speech for Henry Cabot Lodge when he first ran for the U.S. Senate in the 1930s (the same seat that Scott Brown took back for the Republicans in January).

I retired from the practice of law after 25 years but remain a licensed attorney admitted to practice in 1979 and am a graduate of Boston University School of Law, Boston University School of Management, New York University School of Law's Graduate Tax Program, and Harvard College (B.A. 1976). On a personal note, I have been married for 30 years with one son who has just started college. With my experience as a tax, estate planning/probate and corporate lawyer, I am eager to apply my understanding of both people and the legal system to the work of the Governor's Council.

Bob Jubinville, over two campaigns, spent several hundred thousand dollars trying to reach the public's awareness and inform them about Kelly Timilty.

His results have proven my theory that the obscurity of the office renders spending irrelevant. As a public service, I challenge the media as a whole to carry on with the efforts of The Metrowest Daily News and Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly and make the "eviction" of Kelly Timilty from office an essential effort of this election year.

 is the Republican candidate for Governor's Council for the Second District.