Grassroots Conference

posted Feb 7, 2011, 6:58 PM by Graydon Smith
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday February 4 thru 6, 2011, 497 Republican Party members met in Milford, Massachusetts to discuss the movement of voters to a fiscal responsible government. The 21 newly elected State Representatives were represented and their positions carefully analyzed. The basic theme was that if you get your conservative message out and stick to the message even when the newspapers try to say the message is not what voters want. Candidates need to get out and meet the voters.  It was not unusual for the winning candidates to meet 4 to 5 thousand voters. In addition they all had several unpaid campaign assistants. All Republican need to get the message of lower taxes, more efficient government and jobs that are revenue producing not government jobs. It was pointed out that Unions gave their people the election day off and that they paid them to go out and pull in the voters.  It will be necessary for Republicans to target conservative voters and make sure they vote.
The conventions had excellent speakers, interesting entertainment and fascinating conversations with Republican from all over Massachusetts.  Our own State Senator Richard Ross was an important contributor.  The training on how to find and organize a committee was invaluable to future candidates. Jennifer Nassour led the conference and painted a vivid picture of what victory in 2012 will look like. With improved training and a message for the majority of people in Massachusetts, it is very probable that more State Representatives and State Senators will be elected.  Several Congressional Seats will also become Republican.
John Jewell
Chairman, Franklin Republican Town Committee